Monday, April 21, 2014

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A quick tangent: I have a fun game/exercise that I play with my rhetoric classes. I pick a seemingly innocuous phrase that is (over-)used in mass media, then I ask the class to explain what it means. No matter what they say, I either pretend not to understand, or ask “no, but what does it mean?” The students think it’s frustrating, then funny, then, frustrating again. A favorite phrase for this game is “senseless violence.”

The point of the exercise is to examine some of the contradictions or confusion we use in everyday language. I feel this way about the phrase “faith in humanity,” and especially “restore [my/your/anyone’s] faith in humanity.” What is humanity, what does it mean to have faith in it, and why does the faith need to be restored? I assume that humanity means something close to “the goodness of human nature,” and not “the essential or unifying nature of personhood,” but I’m really not sure. At the very least the repeated recycling of this phrase should serve as a reminder of the Sisyphean task of restoring faith in humanity, whatever it may mean. Humanity is always already in doubt; our faith must endlessly be restored.
Life Sentences: The Grammar of Clickbait! by Michael Reid Roberts (via mikerugnetta)
Saturday, April 12, 2014

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014
Unable to fit on the school bus, [André the Giant] was driven to school by playwright Samuel Beckett, a neighbor.

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

cannot see the haters


cannot see the haters

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there’s a news headline generator that mixes words from real news headlines and they are fucking golden

these sound completely legit


this is honestly hilarious

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can the science side of tumblr explain this


swag • per • a • tion /swaəgpərashion/

adj. To channel the swagger inside of you and turn it into pure teleportation energy.

i.e. “dude, this party blows, i’m swagperating out of here”